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Metronomis Customization (straatlantaarn)

GIO 2017

inzender: Philips Lighting Design team
design: Philips Lighting Design team
producent: Philips Lighting

Metronomis Customization, a charming, magical way to add branding to luminaires in the urban environment, offering customized laser cuts patterns lit by the lamp itself.
Metronomis luminaires in public places can now be easily customized, designed to provide city or project branding within the urban environment. Digital technology is used to laser cut patterns or graphics into glass-effect luminaires. When lit, the etched part glows and appears to float within the luminaire itself for a magical, charming effect. Creators of urban spaces are likely to find Metronomis appealing for its customization opportunities. Architects and lighting designers can make use of graphics such as famous landmarks, people or events.

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